How to Install the Slackertv iptv App

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Step 1 : From your Home Screen.

Best Iptv

Step 2 : Go to settings.

Slackertv Iptv For Firestick

Step 3 : Look for My FireTv.

Cheap Iptv

Step 4 : Look for My developer options.

Iptv For Everyone

Step 5 : Turn ADB debugging and Allow 3 Unknown Sources

Iptv Low As $10.00 Dollars

Step 6 : Turn on Both.

Iptv From Every Country

Step 7 : Go to your home Screen.

Join Slackertv Iptv

Step 8 : Go To

Step 9 : Type in Downloader.

Step 10 : You will See the Downloader App.

Step 11 : Download it.

Step 12 : Press Allow.

Step 13 : Press OK.

Step 14 : Open Downloader.

Step 15 : Type one of the apps below in the url box

Download One of these two apps

App : Tv and Mobile App : (

Step 16 : Press Go.

Step 17 : The iptv app should download.


(Note: The iptv App images subject to change but its all the same format.)

Step 16 : Slackertv iptv App should open To Install.

Slackertv Iptv Apps

Step 17 : Press Install.

Join Slackertv Iptv

Step 18 : Allow.

Login To Your Iptv

Step 21 : All the iptv apps are diffrent so follow the on screen to login with the info below.

Step 22 : Fill in your iptv login info.

Any name name : Your Name

username : username

password : password

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