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These are step-by-step guides on how to install Slacker Tv Apps and how to guides.

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    Useful FAQ’s

    Yes! We can grant you one if our service is down for more than 24h, you did not receive your subscription details for using our service!

    We do NOT refund any fails of yourself eg: registration problems (forget to create username and/or pass), do not checking your email inbox and spam folder for your IPTV Service details, do not inform yourself about our service before you pruchase a package like: which devices we do support, which channels and countries we do offer.

    You can open a ticket at our live chat window which we prefer and suggest you. Otherwise you can send us a email to:

    Yes we offer Free 24 hour trails. Yo can fine links in the main site.

    We do accept Cash-app,PayPal, and Venmo. Also Zella on request

    Movie PackagesStarting form $13