Most frequent questions and answers

How do I install Slackertv on a firestick or Any Android box ?

Yes you can fine that info under the guides. 


Channels or EPG are not working?

If there is one or couple channels down pleas open a ticket in the Client panel if all your channels are down please open a ticket we will get right with you. 

Im getting lot of buffering What can I Do?

View Step 15 in the FAQ’s page you can find them here.


How do I find my login info ?

You can find your login info by following these step Click the link below.


My vod is not playing ?

Go to this page and follow the guide.


Whats the url for 3 party apps ?


My Account is Not working ?

Before open a chat test your account off wifi on your phone at.


If it is working there look at some of the FAQ’s for trouble shooting before you open a chat at.


My service is not working and my provider is AT&T ?

First you will need to download the at&t home networking suite.

Then look for active security and turn it off.